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An offering to SMEs that is both more attractive and more profitable

Querya assisted one of its clients in overhauling their banking package for their SME customers with the aim of restructuring their fee schedule while making it more attractive at the same time. The results were tangible: a more understandable offering for customers and significant gains in revenue from the impacted tariff lines.


Revenue gains from the impacted tariff lines

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  • A context of tension

    • Bank fees are often poorly accepted by business customers
    • Transaction fees are hardly finding legitimacy today (35% of customers are exempt)
    • More complex fee schedules are under the influence of prudential constraints.
  • The Querya method

    • analyses and simulations performed account by account
    • insights provided on competitors' practices
    • a co-construction and active listening process with the whole organisation, involving all interested parties
    • a shedding light on competitors' practices as a "mystery customer" to identify their actual pricing practices.
  • Results

    • identification of revenue increase opportunities
    • creation of a new package
    • better understanding and acceptance of fees by business customers

An innovative approach to cash management services

A French bank asked Querya to help it structure, enhance and enrich its approach to managing the cash management needs of its retail customers. At the origin of this project was the desire to better meet the cash management needs of its customers, to improve their levels of satisfaction, a topic at the heart of customer relationships, and to differentiate themselves from online banks by promoting support and proximity.

Significant increases in customer satisfaction.

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  • Multiple issues

    • How to best address the needs of customers ?
    • Are customers appropriately equipped with authorized overdrafts in line with their needs ?
    • What are the alternative solutions to overdrafts ?
    • How to reduce the administrative burden of distribution networks and make them more commercially available ?
    • How to move towards the "positive" pricing of value-oriented services to customers ?
    • How to enhance service and local support and make a difference ?
  • Querya’s approach

    • We perform a real diagnostic of the portfolio: customer behaviour, customer needs/solutions, commercial practices, invoicing...
    • We revisit the range of solutions that meet customer needs
    • We reinforce and enhance commercial support
    • We rebalance invoicing between service pricing and punitive pricing
  • Results and deliverables

    • creation of a range of services that more fully meets the cash management needs of retail customers,
    • creation of a new customer-centric sales approach using new tools
    • - boosting of authorised overdraft and revolving credit

Correction of a revenue leakage

Querya detected a revenue leakage in the debit interest rates applied to retail customer overdrafts for one of their clients. Although the fee schedule displayed rates close to the usury rate (20%), executive management as well as the marketing department were not aware that the rates being charged were actually much lower (7%).
During a computer changeover, the bank had indexed its usury rate for overdrafts at over € 6000. However, this rate had dropped by 50% between 2012 (date of the changeover) and 2017.


Revenue gains
from retail customers debit interest

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  • Commercial and financial challenges

    • a revenue leakage, creating a significant shortfall, which placed the bank, without its knowledge, in a position where it was the cheapest on the market for overdraft rates, but without leveraging it from a marketing perspective.
    • the unauthorised overdraft rate was lower than the revolving credit rate, making the product mix inconsistent.
  • The 3 stages of the approach

    • Detection of opportunities through the reconstitution of the debit interest amount for each account in overdraft
    • Comprehensive opportunity analysis (banking processes, commercial script, competitive context and technical and legal feasibility) and obtaining a consensus in the steering committee
    • Decision support for the implementation of a balanced scenario repositioning the bank in its market and limiting the impacts of sudden rises for customers
  • Results

    • The work enabled the bank to generate € 1.2 million in additional revenue without generating negative customer feedback

« If I had to qualify Querya in 3 qualifiers, I would say: results-oriented, quality of the relationship and expertise. »

Jérôme Walter, Chief Financial Officer, Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie.

« Querya’s team is Senior level, experienced and international. »

Andreas Klingen, Partner of Querya, Board member of European Banks.

« The three major qualities of Querya: effectiveness, active listening and pragmatism. »

Laurent Titreville, Chief Financial Officer, Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie.

« The Querya team is both pleasant and professional. They are passionate and have a great deal of expertise. »

Lukas Hajek, Product Marketing Manager, Komerční banka.