Invoicing<br />


Through a detailed analysis of your data, for each account and each customer, Querya will rapidly help you:

  • establish a status update of your invoicing processes
  • detect and eliminate revenue leakages
  • optimise your invoicing parameters
  • better manage imbalances in negotiated terms

Rethinking the product offering and services

Rethinking the product offering and services

We optimise the performance of your fee schedule.
We co-construct a higher value product offering for customers on a step-by-step basis:

  • refocus the sales approach on the customer landscape of needs
  • enhance the value of the services provided and maximize their perceived value
  • favour a customer-centric fee schedule and sustain legitimate revenue.

Sustaining<br />


We help our customers to sustain project value in the long run :

  • we organize strategic pricing management using a cross-functional approach: design of the pricing policy, management of its performance, monitoring of the impacts of decisions taken and regulatory changes, simulation of recommendations.
  • we establish a continuous invoicing control approach to detect leakages, to track volumetrics and analyze changes.

« The Querya team demonstrated a great deal of expertise when working with our teams. They know how to support managers, create links and remove internal roadblocks. »

Jérôme Walter, Chief Financial Officer, Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie.

« Querya developed an intelligent approach in term of analysing data and a good use of the Client resources. »

Andreas Klingen, Partner of Querya Board member of European Banks.

« The Querya team struck me and then surprised me with their precise and timely execution, their business experience and political skills. »

Laurent Titreville, Chief Marketing Officer Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie.

A true economic partnership

A remuneration model in coherence with the conditions of execution of each project:

  • Projects self-funding when the success fee lends itself well to the conditions of execution (control of revenue growth, accurate anticipation of gains).
  • Fixed or mixed remuneration for actions which impact on revenue is uncertain, out of control, indirect, or is not the main objective.

Revenue enhancement 5%


We deliver results: revenue increases ranging between 1% and 5% of fee revenue out of an entire optimisation effort.